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Beekeeping in the Mediterranean-From Antiquity to the Present_Hatjina et al, 2018


The research profile of the Division of Apiculture- H.A.O. 'DEMETER'

The Division of Apiculture is one of research units belonging to the new founded Hellenic Agricultural Organization ‘Demeter’, after the union of NAGREF with other governmental agencies. The whole responsibility is under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. It was founded by a decision of Presidential Decree 402/88. The building facilities were completed in 1994 and operates in its present form since July 1, 2000.

The Division has been established in Chalkidiki region, as this is the area with the most professional beekeepers in Greece as well as the area with the greatest honey production (almost 60% of total production in the country). Nevertheless it has a jurisdiction across the country.

Its mission has been the basic and applied research that touches topics such as: Biology and Physiology of all species of bees, quality control of hive products and the queens produced, development of new technologies in beekeeping, bee flora conservation, enhancement of the role of bees in the environment, fight diseases with new environmental and biotechnological products, breeding and improvement of genetic material, evaluation of honey bee queen quality, the application of molecular biology and genetics in the above areas of apiculture and finally the effects of pollutants on honey bee biology and physiology.

The aim of the Institute is to produce of knowledge in the above subjects, to offer information and scientific support to the beekeeping world of our country and to find solutions that respect the honeybee and its products.

Cylinder hives inCyprus&Malta(a,bPhotos:Gillies,Ratia France )
Santorini&Tinos islands(c,d,e Photos: Fani Hatjina)
Stone hives in Greece(f, Photo:Thanasis Bikos)